Phenomena: a duo exhibition by Đỗ Tuấn-Anh and Richie Nath

25 May - 17 June 2023 Paris

Through a compelling interplay of mediums, narratives, and visual aesthetics, the exhibition invites viewers on a journey of introspection, contemplation, and self-discovery.

Artists: Đỗ Tuấn-Anh and Richie Nath

Curator: Lê Thiên-Bảo


Vernissage at 18h, 25 May 2023

15 rue Beautreillis, 75004 Paris

Phenomena is a captivating duo exhibition presenting the distinct artistic practices of Đỗ Tuấn-Anh from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, and Richie Nath from Yangon, Myanmar. Hailing from Southeast Asia, these two visionary artists draw inspiration from their respective cultural backgrounds, delving into the realms of mythology, dreams, and the enigmatic nature of human existence.


Đỗ Tuấn-Anh, a master of visual poetry, blurs the boundaries between form and imagination in his spellbinding artworks. His series Fragile (2018) beckons viewers to approach closely to discover intricate patterns that reference the passage of time. Each stroke of acrylic on canvas reveals the profound beauty found within decay and evokes a deeply resonant sense of impermanence.  His sculptures series, Relics (2019), crafted from acrylic on cement, reacall  fossils that capture fleeting moments forever. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Buddhism, Tuấn-Anh's monochromatic works encapsulate the fragility of life and the eternal quest for existence, urging us to contemplate the brevity of our individual journeys.


Richie Nath, in contrast, mesmerizes with his vibrant and figurative painting series The Wounded Fawn (2023), unfolding from its genesis rooted in the captivating tales of Hindu mythology. Starting from a self-portrait depicting the artist himself looking at his mirrored reflection, Richie weaves captivating narratives, from the hybrid between Actaeon and Maricha to Mani-Kantha, the Serpent-King in the Jataka tales. The series features Richie’s relentless pursuit of one's true self, exploring the duality of human nature and the struggle between growth and resistance, East and West. His works challenge the viewer to confront their own inner demons and to persevere in the face of adversity.

 The exhibition title, Phenomena, is inspired by the seminal works of Joseph Campbell, the renowned mythologist and author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Campbell's exploration of the human psyche and the metaphors found within mythologies serves as a guiding force, shedding light on the transformative power of storytelling and the pursuit of transcendence.


Phenomena transcends a mere exhibition; it weaves a tapestry of collective experiences meticulously curated by Lê Thiên-Bảo, breathing life into shared narratives that surpass geographical confines and cultural nuances. As you immerse yourself in the gallery's intimate space, a symphony of art and storytelling transports you to a realm where the threads of humanity intertwine. In Phenomena, Universal themes of life, metamorphosis, and transcendence emerge, inviting contemplation of your own journey and the unfathomable depths of your being.

Selected works
Installation Views